Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Rotarians in Crusade Against Hepatitis

Hepatitis Cero ProjectIt is currently that more than 500 million people worldwide who are carriers of the Hepatitis B and C viruses.  According to the World Health Organization, viral hepatitis is one of the largest global health problems and killing more than HIV.

Rotary Clubs in the Córdoba Province, Argentina, joined the worldwide campaign for "Hepatitis Cero."  Using the framework of this campaign, they have been promoting awareness at the local and regional levels.

In addition to raising awareness, Dr. Graciela Ortega, a specialist in infectious disease, offered special training on the early detection of Hepatitis C at meetings of the Rotary Clubs of Ctalamochita, Villa María Este, and Villa Nueva.

The Rotary Club Las Varillas gave an informative talk about the types of hepatitis and ways to prevent them.  In his presentation, Dr. Budano stated, "Recently, science reached a consensus: that viral hepatitis can be eradicated from the planet within 15 to 20 years. For that to happen, a global mobilization is necessary, and your participation is very important for the success of the campaign."  With your support of The Rotary Foundation you can help the local efforts of Rotarians in this worldwide movement.  Perhaps, you can get engaged with the newly organized Rotarian Action Group for Hepatitis Eradication.