Posted by Dame Ellen MacArthur on Feb 12, 2018

Dame Ellen MacArthur is a successful solo long-distance English sailor.  In February 2005, she broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe, a feat which gained her international renown.  Dame MacArthur retired from professional sailing in September 2010.  In retirement, she launched the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – a charity that works with business and education to accelerate the transition to sustainable production.

In March 2015, Dame Ellen MacArthur took the TED stage to share what she had learned from circling the globe.  Because she had to carry everything the she would need with her, she gained new insights into the way the world works.  MacArthur now see the world as a place of interlocking cycles and finite resources, where the decisions we make today affect what is left for tomorrow.  She proposes a bold new way to see the world’s economic systems.  They are not linear.  They are circular where everything comes around.