Posted by Don Griffing on Mar 12, 2018

In Rotary, this week we are celebrating World Rotaract Week, commemorating the charting of the first club on 13 March 1968 in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.  Originally the name came by combine Rotary and Interact – the high school service organization creating by Rotary in 1962 – as the way to place focus on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and workplaces.  Since then, the name Rotaract has transitioned to be a shortening of Rotary in Action.

Like many Rotarians in the US, I first believed that Rotaract was service club for university students.  It was when I began to help create a social media presence for my first Rotary Club that I discovered my misconception of this program.  In the following months, my Rotary Club helped charter the Rotaract Club of Atlanta.  This Rotaract Club has grown into a dynamic group of young professionals with their own service projects while assisting Rotary Clubs in the area.

ReCSWUSA member, Ola Olugbodi, is an example of the importance of Rotaract to the sustainability of Rotary.  Ola is a former Rotaractor who is serving as the Club’s Public Relations Director.  In addition, Ola is an active member of the Rotary Global History Fellowship – preserving the history, values, and philosophy of Rotary.  Ola’s connections in a local Rotaract Club have enabled ReCSWUSA to partner with that Club and improve the lives of people in his home country of Nigeria.

I recently read a blog post which stated, “Heroes are essential, but they are not enough.”  This was part of the theme of this this post.  The author believes that we ought to focus on bringing together the teams to collaborate on addressing problems.  Through Rotary, Interact, and Rotaract, we have the ability to connect service-minded individuals from around the world.  I encourage each you to reach out the Rotaract Club closest to you.  Introduce yourself and ReCSWUSA to them.  Identify their service projects and greatest challenge.  Sharing that information, we can discover how we, other Rotary Clubs, and other Rotaract Club can collaborate in service to others and overcome challenges.  By working together, we can make a difference.